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Memories of Our Journey

Nov 30th, 2008 | By ffolwell | Category: Lead Article

Campaign Coverage “08 Team

Following are memories from our team:

By Ma Jing (Masa)
Many people in China picture the United States as a golden free world. I told this to some Americans I met while covering the presidential election and they were so surprised. “No, no way!” they shouted. “This is a misunderstanding.”
I witnessed lots of misunderstandings [...]

Battle for Votes in Bellwether Ohio

Oct 22nd, 2008 | By ffolwell | Category: Lead Article

Oct. 21, 2008
By Zheng Jialiang (Jelen)
Contributing to this report: Hua Qi (Sara), Jed Layton
Washington D.C. - Jim Locke used to be a lifelong Democrat.  Three weeks ago, he changed his mind.  So it goes in Chillicothe, Ohio, a bellwether town in a bellwether state that could determine who next occupies the White House.
“I decided [...]

Debate Disappoints Voters Looking for Specifics

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October 7, 2008
By Jed Layton, with Hua Qi (Sara) and Zheng Jialiang (Jelen)
Columbus, Ohio—Travis Simmons had a look of frustration on his face while watching John McCain and Barack Obama during the second presidential debate.  He viewed the debate on a huge flat screen television at a watch party in the After Five Lounge downtown [...]

Stocks Plunge as Wall Street Reacts to $700 Billion Rescue

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Photos by Ma Jing (Masa)

Oct 7, 2008

By Gao Wenhuan (Eliot)

New York – On Monday morning, 44-year-old Chinese Canadian Antony Zhang was amazed to visit Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange, “such a small street has been impacting the world continuously for decades”.

$700 Billion Rescue Bill Passes U.S. House

Oct 3rd, 2008 | By ffolwell | Category: Lead Article

Photo by Ma Jing (Masa)
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi backed by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), left and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), shows off the newly passed bailout bill, ready for the president’s signature.  
Oct 3, 2008
By Gao Wenhuan (Eliot)
Washington, D.C. – On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the revised $700 billion rescue plan and President George [...]

House Rejects $700 Billion Plan; Dow Plunges

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Photo by Ma Jing (Masa)

September 29, 2008
By Zheng Jialiang (Jelen)
Washington, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives voted Monday against the $700 billion rescue plan, plunging the Dow Jones Industrial Average 777 points, the biggest closing point drop in stock market history.
The biggest drop in the DOW before that occurred after the Sept. 11, 2001, [...]

Congress Debates Wall Street Bailout

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Photos by Hua Qi (Sara)
Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr., top; Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, bottom left; Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission Christopher Cox, bottom right.


Sept. 22, 2008

By Gao Wenhuan (Eliot)
Washington, D.C. — Capitol Hill has seldom been so focused on Wall Street as it has been for the last [...]

McCain, Palin Woo Pennsylvania Voters

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Photo by Ma Jing (Masa)
Sept. 22, 2008
By Zheng Jialiang (Jelen)
Media, Pa. – Standing in front of a crowd of about 10,000 in Media, Pa., Senator John McCain pounded away on economic issues plaguing the United States.  He was joined by his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, who warmed up the crowd with a fiery [...]

Biden Focuses on Female Voters in Virginia

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Photo by Ma Jing (Masa)
September 19, 2008
By Jed Layton
Sterling, Virginia— Heading to a rally for vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, Leslie Davidson knew what she would like to hear, but she didn’t expect the subject to be precisely addressed.
Davidson, a university professor from Great Falls, Va., had  taken the day off to go to Claude [...]

College Students Skeptical of Campaign Promises

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September 17, 2008
E. Thomas Nelson
Washington, D.C. - While the names Obama and McCain have dominated headlines for months, this week they have taken a back seat to a few older, more dated monikers.
Now Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and her friend Freddie Mac have been unwittingly thrust into the media spotlight.
While many Americans might [...]