B2B Vs B2C Comparison: What Are the Differences and Similarities?

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As a new entrepreneur, you come across different terms that might confuse you. For instance, when seeking for a platform to lounge your site, the provider asks you whether you want a B2C or a B2B e-commerce platform. This question might confuse you and leave you wondering which is which. By definition, B2B stands for business-to-business. It means a situation where you are providing services or selling product to other business.

On the other hand, B2C – business-to-consumer is where you sell products to the final user. Having this information, you now have some idea of what the two terms entail. However, you may have the interest to know what are the similarities and differences between the two business models. Here are some:


The sales process is universal

Whether you are selling products to the consumers or other businesses, you need a selling process. Both B2B and B2C require you to design a sales strategy. You must know how to attract visitors on your e-commerce site and convert them to customers. Also, you must embark on enhanced marketing to create your business brand and reputation in the virtual arena. In this essence, you need a well-defined sales process.

Customer experience is a requirement

The fact about the two forms of businesses is that you are dealing with customers. When other businesses approach you for certain solutions, they cease being entities and become your customers. In this case, you must ensure they get the best experience. Regardless of whether you are dealing with businesses or consumers, your level of customer service will determine your sales levels.


Require different negotiation tactics

In B2C e-commerce businesses you deal with consumers. All you need is to convince them that your products are the best in the market and offer them the right price. The negotiation process is shorter and does not require advanced skills. In contrary, in B2B e-commerce, you deal with senior managers and executives. These people are the decision makers in the business entities.

For you to make a crack, you must be smart in negotiating and convincing them that the product or solution you are offering to them will help them up their game. Also, you must provide facts to prove your claims. Hence, you need some time and tactics to win a sale in B2B.

In summary, these are only some of the similarities and differences between the two. Others can include functionalities of the B2C which differ from that B2B e-commerce platform and so on.

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